by Amber Cortez | November 22nd, 2016 | Auto Accident, Blog

Distracted Driving During the Holiday Season

While the holiday season can be a time of great joy and celebration, we also the run the risk of being overwhelmed and distracted because of all the commotion – especially when it comes to shopping. Distracted driving during the holiday season can lead to serious injury, regardless if it’s a “minor” fender bender at… Read More

by Amber Cortez | November 18th, 2016 | Auto Accident, Blog

Don’t Wreck the Holidays

The fall holiday season can be a wonderful time for many of us; we get to enjoy the company of loved ones and indulge in delicious holiday cooking. However, get togethers often include alcoholic drinks, and a day of celebration can quickly turn into a moment of tragedy. That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety… Read More

by Amber Cortez | November 5th, 2016 | Auto Accident, Blog

Dealing with a Hit and Run Accident

When it comes to sharing the road with other drivers, one can never be too careful. Many drivers are friendly while behind the wheel and considerate of others, while other motorists may drive aggressively and have a difficult time remaining aware of the needs of the other drivers. Because of negligent behavior, accidents have essentially… Read More

by Amber Cortez | November 2nd, 2016 | Auto Accident, Blog

The Truth About Drunk Driving

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’re likely to begin spending more time at gatherings, and enjoying the pleasantries of these get-togethers. Sometimes this means having a couple of drinks. However, it’s important to remember that in the state of Texas, thousands of people lose their lives to drunk drivers each year, with… Read More

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