by Amber Cortez | May 29th, 2017 | Auto Accident, Blog, Driving Tips

How the Time Of the Day Affects Drivers and Crashes

In the world we live in today, driving is an unavoidable necessity. The vast majority of American workers still drive themselves to work, even if the number of eligible drivers who have their license has decreased in recent years. Many activities – whether for work or enjoyment in our personal lives – still require that… Read More

by Amber Cortez | May 12th, 2017 | Driving Tips

7 Hazards to Look Out For When Driving This Summer

There are a number of reasons why we love summer. For one, if you are a student, teacher, work in education, or even just a parent, you usually look forward to having a couple of months off to relax before the hecticness of school and extracurricular activities start up again. Summer is also the time… Read More

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