PD Fatal Crash

by Amber Cortez | November 28th, 2020 | Auto Accident

1 Man Dead After a Car Accident Involving Houston PD

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 21st, a 71-year-old man died after being involved in a serious collision with a Houston Police Department patrol vehicle near Trinity Gardens in Northeast Houston. Details About the Car Accident According to local authorities, the incident occurred at approximately 3:35 p.m. at Ley road. The man driving a black… Read More

Officer struck

by Amber Cortez | November 20th, 2020 | Pedestrian Accident

Mercedes Officer Struck By Vehicle Outside of Premium Outlet Mall

On the afternoon of November 17th, a member of the Mercedes police force was struck by a suspicious vehicle after attempting to investigate illicit drug activity within the area. Details About the Incident According to the Mercedes Public Safety Department, the accident occurred at approximately 3:25 p.m. at the Mercedes Premium Outlets. The officer was… Read More

Impaired Driving

by Amber Cortez | November 19th, 2020 | Auto Accident, Legal Representation

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

As we gear up for the holiday season, it is vital that we end the year on a high note! While this holiday season is going to be different than what we’re used to, it’s still important that we remain vigilant against making bad decisions — especially drunk driving. While this time of year is… Read More

Tire Marks

by Amber Cortez | November 18th, 2020 | Auto Accident

Can Tiremarks Be Used As Evidence In My Car Accident Claim?

In the event that you fall victim to a serious car accident that leaves you with devastating bodily injuries, securing quality evidence is going to be essential to prove that the negligence of the other driver caused your damages. From medical documentation such as x-ray images, doctor’s notes, or medication prescriptions, to digital evidence such… Read More

distracted driving

by Amber Cortez | November 17th, 2020 | Auto Accident

Debunking the Hands-Free Equals Risk-Free Myth

With newer vehicle models equipped with voice-activated and hands-free technology, drivers are becoming more dependent on these features, relying on them frequently as they drive. However, while these features are meant to make life a bit easier, it is important to recognize that they still come with their own risks when using them. One of… Read More


by Amber Cortez | November 16th, 2020 | Auto Accident, Recent News

27-Year-Old Dead Following Early Single-Vehicle Crash in Edinburg

On Thursday morning, November 12th, a single-vehicle rollover accident took the life of a 27-year-old male, leaving another male passenger hospitalized. Details About the Incident According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the accident occurred just after 7:35 a.m. right off F.M. 3250 south of Miller Road in North Edinburg. While solid details are… Read More

car crash

by Amber Cortez | November 13th, 2020 | Auto Accident

Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Ends In Arrest in Bexar County

On the night of October 6th, a man was arrested after a police chase that initially started in Guadalupe County ended in a multi-vehicle accident within Bexar County. Details About the Incident The deputies at the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a stolen Ford F-250. At the time, the vehicle was on… Read More

Hit and run incident

by Amber Cortez | November 12th, 2020 | Hit-And-Run

Edinburg Driver On the Run From Police After Fatal Hit-and-Run Incident

On Friday night, November 6th, a 41-year-old man was killed by a driver who struck him and failed to render aid. Details About the Incident According to local authorities, the incident occurred just after 11:15 p.m. at the intersection of 21st Avenue and Cano Street in Edinburg. The victim was declared dead after he was… Read More

Motorcycle Accident

by Amber Cortez | November 9th, 2020 | Auto Accident

23-Year-Old Motorcyclist Killed In San Antonio

On the night of November 4th, a 23-year-old motorcyclist was killed as he tried to avoid colliding into a line of vehicles. Details of the Incident According to local authorities, the motorcyclist was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle at approximately 9:15 p.m. on Loop 410 near Evers Road. As he came over a hill, he attempted… Read More

Texas Drivers Should Be On Alert for Upcoming Road Work

by Amber Cortez | November 5th, 2020 | Auto Accident, News

Texas Drivers Should Be On Alert for Upcoming Road Work

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has announced that traffic on I-2 westbound will be slowed intermittently to allow for road work in the area. Road work and reduced speeds mean that drivers in the area need to stay alert and practice safe driving. Operation Details Traffic on the westbound frontage road of I-2 between… Read More

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