7 Tips to Remember While Driving Through Foggy Weather

by Abigail Vela | October 6th, 2021 | Auto Accident

There may be times when we experience foggy weather while we’re out and about on our Texas roads. Fog can make it difficult to see while driving, reducing the visibility of what’s in front and around you. To avoid any accidents on the road, your Brownsville car accident lawyer at J. Gonzalez Injury Attorney would like to share 7 tips to help you drive safely during foggy weather:

How To Keep Safe in Foggy Weather

1. Wait It Out

If it’s possible to wait out the foggy weather, consider staying home until the coast is clear. Usually, your local National Weather Service will alert you of weather conditions and updates throughout the day. Foggy weather typically lifts throughout the late morning or afternoon. Keeping as many people off the road during this weather is ideal. However,  we understand that this may not be an option for most drivers commuting to work.

2. Defrost

Use your windshield wipers and defroster to help with visibility while on the road. If the windshield is cloudy, try opening the side window slightly and turn the defroster to a higher speed. You can also use your AC to help clear the windows.

3. Slow down

It is imperative to slow down and increase your following distance between you and other drivers around you.

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4. Use Low-Beam Lights

Use fog lights and low-beam lights while on the road. Do not use high beams, as they will reflect off the fog and cause a white wall effect. If needed, turn on your hazard lights for additional visibility in dense fog.

5. Emergency Stops

If you cannot see anything in front of you, the best thing to do is stop on the side of the road, preferably at a rest area or truck stop, and turn on your hazard lights/flashers and emergency brake. If you continue driving, be aware of anyone else who has stopped on the side of the road. 

6. Avoid Changing or Passing

Do not change lanes or try to pass other drivers in front of you. The best thing to do is to stay in your lane and keep a greater distance between you and those around you.

7. Stay Alert

Foggy weather makes it difficult to gauge how slow or fast other drivers are going around you. It’s best to be mindful and respectful of any slow-moving vehicles. Keep a slow and steady pace while driving and watch out for any potential car accidents up ahead.

Don’t Let Foggy Weather Get You Down

Driving carefully during adverse weather is important to keep everyone safe on the road. However, despite any precautions you take, maneuvering your vehicle during foggy weather may still lead to an unfortunate accident. But do not worry because your car accident lawyers in Brownsville will help you begin your healing journey! 

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident during foggy weather, you may be entitled to compensation. Do not hesitate to reach out to your J.Gonzalez Injury Attorneys today!

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