Having a dog as a pet is a great responsibility. Any animal lover knows that keeping the animal under control, especially if it is protective, can be difficult. It’s important to know that there are dog owners who do not uphold their responsibility for their pet. Every year in the United States, hundreds of people are hospitalized due to maulings. In a majority of these cases, it’s been ruled that the animal’s owner was partly responsible for the incident. The causes can include:

  • Failing to keep the animal contained
  • Failing to acknowledge the danger the animal posed
  • Allowing the dangerous animal to be in the presence of others

Certain breeds have been known to pose greater threats than others. The bottom line is, any dog can attack and harm a person. If you or a close relative have been a victim of a dog attack, which can be proven to have resulted from negligence on the part of its owner, a personal injury attorney can help. The legal team from McAllen’s J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys is experienced in this kind of litigation and can assist in your recovery.

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