Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publishes its top 10 list of workplace safety violations. The list aims to educate and inform employers and workers alike about common causes and factors which result in workplace injuries. The latest OSHA report for 2013 reveals that violations for each of the standards increased by 45% compared to numbers reported in 2012. The numbers show that, unfortunately, workplace locations are not becoming any safer.

Why Injuries Occur

Employers are obligated to comply with all guidelines and workplace safety rules set forth by OSHA and state regulators. Employers often neglect to fulfill their obligations, which allow for workplaces to remain ill-maintained and prone to hazardous accidents. Any type of hazard that goes unchecked is a violation that puts workers at risk for serious injury or death while on the job.

The List

OSHA aims to ensure employee safety and risk-free working conditions by informing the general public about which standards are most commonly violated. The most cited violations of workplace safety standards which made OSHA’s list included:

  • Fall protection standards – 8,241 violations
  • Hazard communication standards – 6,156 violations
  • Scaffolding standards – 5,423 violations
  • Respiratory protection – 3,879 violations
  • Electrical and/or wiring methods – 3,452 violations
  • Powered industrial trucks – 3,340 violations
  • Ladders – 3,311 violations
  • Lockout/Tagout – 3,254 violations
  • Electrical, general requirements – 2,745 violations
  • Machine guarding – 2,701 violations

Most workplace injuries and deaths occur as a result of dangerous conditions. These accidents can easily be prevented if employers effectively enforce safety regulations.

Legal Remedies for Your Case

With workplace accidents increasing each year, it is important for workers to learn about their legal options if in the unfortunate event they are involved in an accident at work. When employers fail to uphold their legal obligation to ensure worker safety by maintaining safe working conditions, they are placing employees at risk for accidents and injuries. We have the personal injury experience needed in dealing with your situation. Know that in McAllen, exceptional legal expertise is available to help you on the path to financial recovery.[:]

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