The industrial sector is known for being one of the most dangerous. Workers within this industry are constantly at risk for catastrophic or fatal injuries due to the dangers these jobs require. Heavy machinery and hazardous chemicals are employed each day for hours at a time and even the most seasoned worker can suffer injuries at a worksite. Several tragic accidents in Texas and across the nation resulting from industrial-related issues have prompted lawmakers to recommend changes in federal laws to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Laws and Safety Regulations are Insufficient

As much as we would like to think that proper safety measures are being enforced to prevent these industrial accidents from happening, the reality is that job sites can be safer if stricter laws are implemented. Workplace environments in several industries where long hours, strenuous labor and exhausting tasks are constant factors can be dangerous in nature. There are federal safety regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect employees in any industry from suffering injury in a work-related accident. However, these regulations have proven to be insufficient on several occasions.

Issues Surrounding Industrial-related Incidents

Federal laws which address the use of toxic chemicals in the industrial sector are largely out-of-date and do not cover many of the dangerous ones used today. For example, current laws on chemical use do not require manufacturers to test for toxicity. These laws hardly cover the majority of chemicals on the market today due to the fact that their manufacturing preceded the enforcement of these stipulations, making them exempt to regulation. Little action has been taken by the government to tackle this issue. As long as these laws remain unchanged, workers will remain at risk of suffering injury or death due to these chemicals.

Preventing Future Accidents with Laws and Legal Action

Anyone employed by the industrial sector would agree that updating these laws is essential for employee safety. Government agencies should also be more proactive in their investigation of industrial accidents when they do occur. Taking the appropriate action to prevent them from occurring again is also essential. Victims and their families have the option of pursuing legal action against those responsible for the accident to recover compensation for any injuries sustained. Speak to a personal injury attorney to explore your options for compensation if you or a loved one was seriously or fatally injured in an industrial accident.

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