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Ever since he opened J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys in 2001, J. Gonzalez dedicated himself to serving victims of car accidents, ensuring they get the compensation they need from accidents that occurred through no fault of their own.

Common Car Accident Injuries

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, an increase of around 208,000 auto accidents occurred statewide between 2019 to 2020, despite a 50 percent decrease of traffic volume for several months as the COVID-19 Pandemic raged on.

However, injuries happen whether a decrease in traffic volume happens or not. Many typical car accident injuries seen in such events include:

  • Head and Neck injuries
  • Cuts and Lacerations
  • Injuries to Limbs
  • Broken Bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Client Testimonial

“Wonderful service. The team was extremely helpful! We had a new baby at home right when this happened, so knowing we didn’t have to take care of the paperwork was a relief. We couldn’t ask for better representation! Thank you!!”

- Leslie Guzman

Common Causes of Car Accidents

  • Negligent Driving – Speeding and cutting others off in unsafe lane changes are some of the most common examples of negligent driving, often causing significant injuries.
  • Texting While Driving – Arguably one of the most common causes of car accidents, texting while driving also kills many Texans every year.
  • Intoxicated Driving – Drinking and driving–or even taking prescription drugs and getting behind the wheel–takes the lives of many Texans per year.
  • Distracted Driving – Eating food, changing the radio station, or even applying makeup shouldn’t be done while behind the wheel.
  • Defective Car Parts – Car manufacturers have a responsibility to warn you about car part defects, and failure to do so may leave them liable for any accidents caused.
  • Adverse Weather Conditions – Driving in bad weather can be dangerous, especially if other drivers are driving recklessly.

Car Accident Attorneys By Your Side During Difficult Times

The aftermath of a car accident can be difficult to endure alone, and when it comes to determining fault, it can be overwhelming. J. Gonzalez understands this, and he has made it his life’s mission to make sure you are properly taken care of during such difficult times.

While you heal, count on J. Gonzalez to fight for your compensation towards your:

  • Medical Bills – Medical treatment and rehabilitation for injuries sustained during a car accident don’t come cheap, and oftentimes, they can leave victims in debt.
  • Property Damage – Car repairs are also costly, and if you don’t have another car to use while your claim is being processed, additional costs for a ride can add up.
  • Lost Wages & Earning Capacity – Injuries sustained in a car accident can leave you unable to work in the near or far future. Fighting for lost wages and any potential earnings is essential to recovery.
  • Pain and Suffering – Not all injuries are physical, and treatment for mental anguish is necessary to overcome such trauma. Our car accident attorneys can help you come to a settlement.
  • Wrongful Death – The last thing anyone should have to deal with are funeral expenses for a loved one that passed away due to negligence on the road. Let us fight for you!

J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys has secured millions of dollars in compensation for clients, helping them pick up the pieces of their lives that were shattered through no fault of their own. We will fight tooth and nail for the compensation you deserve.

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