Edinburg woman dies in causeway crash

by Benjamin Treviño | June 7th, 2024 | Blog, Fatal Crash, Lawsuit, Legal Representation, News, Recent News

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – A McAllen man is under arrest over allegations that he was intoxicated when he caused a crash on the Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge that killed a 20-year-old Edinburg woman.

A Texas Department of Public Safety news release stated that Hugo Ernesto Lara, 48, is charged with intoxication and manslaughter for the crash that killed Mariah Desiree Enriquez.

The crash happened June 2 at 1:45 a.m. According to the news release, Lara was driving a Ford F-150 westward in the causeway’s eastbound lanes. Lara’s truck collided with a red 2008 Kia passenger car driven by Enriquez, the report stated.

No other information was immediately released.


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Source: https://myrgv.com/local-news/2024/06/02/wrong-way-driver-on-island-kills-edinburg-woman-in-causeway-crash/



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