Harris County Man Files Lawsuit Under Negligence

by J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys | March 12th, 2015 | Blog, General, Lawsuit, Negligence

One of the most important concepts that any new or even experienced driver can learn is the notion of defensive driving. The road can be filled with various dangers. While you can never be sure of the safe habits and practices of other drivers you share the road with, you can always be sure that you are being as safe as you possibly can. Unfortunately, many drivers do not share this mentality.

Risks of the Road

Late last year, a Harris County man was driving on a state highway when a negligent driver in the same lane collided with his vehicle. Reports say the defendant was speeding, didn’t brake or keep a safe distance from other cars, and did not follow the rule of yielding the right of way to other drivers.

The defendant was not under the influence of alcohol; this was simply a case of bad driving habits. The victim is now seeking justice after laboring with pain, medical expenses and time off work due to the mental and physical injuries sustained in the crash. In a suit filed just before the new year, the victim is seeking damages upwards of $100,000.

Protect Yourself Today

While the situation was unfortunate, the victim in this case has taken every measure to turn his situation around. Being safe on the road is hard enough, protecting yourself off of it can change your life for the better. An important rule to remember is you don’t have to wait to get the protection you deserve.

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