Multiple Fatalities Following a Bus Accident

by Amber Cortez | November 20th, 2021 | Bus Accidents

Friday afternoon in Big Spring, Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed multiple fatalities following a severe bus accident.

Details Regarding the Bus Accident

A fiery crash involving a bus and another vehicle occurred in the westbound lanes of I-20 in Big Spring, Texas. A marching band for a local high school may have been en route to a football game when another vehicle, driving the wrong way, crashed into their bus near mile marker 179.

Thankfully, no student suffered severe injuries thus far. Some were treated at a local hospital and released shortly after; however, two other individuals did lose their lives. Who they are, or why this accident occurred, remains unknown at this time.

Texas Bus Accident Statistics

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), bus accidents that occurred in 2019 injured approximately:1,000 pedestrians

  • 1,000 school bus drivers
  • 5,000 school bus passengers
  • 6,000 occupants in other vehicles

On the other hand, the report showed that bus accidents that same year took the lives of:

  • 6 pedalcyclists
  • 5 school bus drivers
  • 4 school bus passengers
  • 15 pedestrians
  • 79 occupants in other vehicles

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