The Truth About Drinking and Driving

by J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys | April 21st, 2017 | Driving Tips, Recent News

Texas…we have a problem.

For several years now, MADD has continuously reported Texas as having the highest drunk driving deaths. Every year thousands of Texans lose their lives or suffer through debilitating injuries because of drunk drivers.

While this is definitely not just an issue in Texas, as nationally about one in three traffic deaths are drunk driving related, our top ranking in such an abysmal category should motivate us to continue working towards creating safe streets for all drivers and pedestrians.

The truth about drunk driving:

Border issues:

An article in Alcohol Research: Current Reviews found that “early studies of alcohol use within border populations showed that border residents were at higher risk for some alcohol outcomes compared with people who do not live near the border.”

The study ultimately showed that residents living near the Mexican border (i.e. Hidalgo, Cameron, and Starr County residents) were at a higher risk for alcohol use and abuse, as well as related consequences that arise from such behaviors. It was also noted that these trends were emphasized in younger populations and their higher frequency of attending bars.

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