What to Know Prior to Your Free Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney

by Amber Cortez | September 16th, 2020 | Legal Representation

When a person is in need of adequate legal representation due to an injury they have suffered, the next ideal move would be to do the research in finding the right attorney that can best represent you.

For the most part, the majority of car accident attorneys offer free in-person–or virtual–consultations to prospective clients in order to determine if you have a case and what is needed to proceed. This makes knowing what you may be getting yourself into before a consultation with a car accident lawyer essential to get the best out of your visit.

With this being said, the McAllen personal injury attorneys of J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys have provided brief insight on what you can expect out of a free consultation with an attorney and what key documents are needed on your behalf to make the consultation worth your while.

Doing the Research Before Scheduling An Appointment

Before scheduling your consultation with a prospective attorney, it is important to make sure the attorney you are looking at specializes in the specific area you may be seeking legal assistance in as not all attorneys are created equal.

For instance, if you were involved in a serious car accident, you would want an attorney with years of experience settling those types of personal injury cases. The more years of experience an attorney may have, the more adequately they may be able to handle your case in civil court.

Some notable websites like avvo.com can help you find the right lawyer you need, even in some instances awarding accolades to these lawyers for their excellence in helping victims. Additionally, Google or Facebook reviews can provide some more personal insights from former clients they have had in the past.

Asking the Right Questions

Once you officially have your first consultation with the prospective attorney, it is your chance to ask as many questions as you can. You can ask your attorney anything from “How many years of experience have you practiced law?” to “What can I expect out of your legal services?”

The more questions you ask–be they general questions about the lawyer’s experience, services, and/or specifics relating to your case–the more you can tell if they are the right attorney to handle your case.

After all, if for whatever reason you may feel like the attorney you are talking to is not trustworthy or simply isn’t right for your case, you have zero obligation to commit to their services.

What Legal Fees Will Be Needed?

Perhaps the biggest elephant in the room to address will be asking how much the cost of their legal services may be. Many personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers work based on contingency fees, meaning they will take a certain percentage from your settlement if they successfully win your case in court. If they don’t win, however, they do not earn anything.

Finding out what percentage they may take, what fees are included, and how much money will be needed upfront should be discussed within this initial consultation.

Bringing the Proper Documentation and Evidence

In order to properly evaluate your case, an attorney will need all the proper documentation and any potential evidence you may have in your possession–or can safely acquire.

Reviewing these documents and pieces of evidence can help them determine how to proceed with your case and what damages you may be eligible to collect. The more evidence you can provide, the stronger the case you may have on your hands.

Some of the key documents you will need to bring to a consultation with an attorney include:

  • Any photographs and/or video footage that can indicate:
    • Your personal vehicle damage.
    • Any potential injuries, scrapes, and cuts that were inflicted upon you and/or any other passengers involved.
    • The exact whereabouts of your accident, including any recognizable buildings, street signs, and traffic signs.
    • The scene of the accident itself.
  • A copy of the police report and the accident report once they become available.
  • Any medical receipts, prescriptions, proof of rehabilitation, and doctor’s notes given.

Trustworthy and Reliable McAllen Car Accident Attorneys Ready to Serve You!

With years of dealing with personal injury and car accident cases, along with successfully resolving over 500 cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, consulting with J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys should be your first step into seeking the financial recovery you need to get your life back on track.

Remember, it’s important to consult with our experienced attorneys as soon as you possibly can, as the Texas statute of limitations will only allow you to file a personal injury claim within a two (2) year time period starting from the day in which your accident occurred.

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