by Amber Cortez | September 28th, 2016 | Blog

Tips for Driving During Autumn

Autumn is here and the new season means changes to the weather and road conditions.  While fall does bring many beautiful days with it, as well as respite from that terrible summer heat, there’s also an increase in hazards that arise because of the changes. It’s important, as a motorist, to be on the lookout… Read More

by Amber Cortez | September 16th, 2016 | Auto Accident, Blog

5 Reasons for Car Accidents and Tips on How to Avoid Them

In 2015, more than 38,000 people died in motor vehicle accidents, and it is estimated that a total of 15,300 accidents occur per day. Car accidents happen for any number of reasons, from poor driving conditions to mechanical malfunctions. However, it’s still the responsibility of every driver on the road to recognize their duties and… Read More

by Amber Cortez | September 13th, 2016 | Blog

By the Numbers: Texas Car Accident Statistics

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, that also rings true for the number of car accidents that happen here in the Lone Star State. The reality is that, regardless of where you live, accidents are bound to happen. Whether it’s out in sunny California, or across the nation in the Empire State, or even as you’re… Read More

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