Drinking this Holiday Season? Play it Safe.

by J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys | December 22nd, 2016 | Blog

The holiday season can be a great time to gather with friends and family to enjoy some down time in their company. However, there is also increased pressure and stress that holiday travel and shopping bring with them.

At J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys, we understand that you might be tempted to drink and drive. It’s important to remember that one bad decision can change your life and many others as well. That’s why we’d like to remind you that if you plan on drinking this holiday season, don’t forget to play it safe.

As we had mentioned in our “Don’t Wreck the Holidays” blog, during the holidays, 2 to 3 times more people die in alcohol-related crashes, with 40% of traffic fatalities involving a driver impaired by alcohol. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • The holiday season causes people to hurry and road conditions are usually more dangerous.
  • Many holiday drinkers only drink occasionally and so they have lower alcohol tolerance. Many of these infrequent drinkers underestimate their impairment and get behind the wheel.
  • More people are drinking at holiday parties and get togethers.
  • Problem drinkers may imbibe and drive more frequently because of all the festivities.
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Play it safe and be responsible.

Make the holidays safer for everyone by following these simple tips for consuming alcohol in moderation:

  • It’s ok to say no. Yes, the holiday season is all about joy and holiday cheer, but there’s no rule that says you have to drink to have a good time. Don’t feel obligated to drink just because your host offers alcohol to you.
  • Remember that alcohol is not the main purpose. We might be tempted to use a holiday celebration as reason to overindulge in alcohol, but remember that the main purpose of a get together is to spend time with family and friends—not get drunk. Drinking is a responsibility, as much as it is a choice, so if you find yourself going too far, stop and ask a friend or loved one to take you home.
  • Be responsible and stick to your limit. Responsible drinkers choose the number of beverages they will allow themselves ahead of time and stick with it. Most people find that no more than one drink an hour helps to keep them in control of the situation and avoid drunkenness.
  • Eat while you drink. It’s a good idea to eat while drinking because the food helps to slow the absorption of alcohol into your circulatory system. This will also cause you to drink slower and thus avoid getting drunk quicker.
  • Skip drinks when necessary. When at a holiday party, consider pacing your drinks by having a nonalcoholic drink between them. Having a glass of water between drinks will help to keep your blood alcohol concentration down.
  • Only accept a drink that you want. If someone is trying to force you to take another drink at a holiday party, ask for ice or a non-alcoholic beverage. Do not allow yourself to be forced into accepting something you don’t want – especially unfamiliar drinks that may affect you greatly.
  • Do not drink if it impairs your social relationships. Attending a friendly get together means the night should revolve around improving your relationships with friends and family, not simply getting drunk.
  • Appoint a designated driver beforehand. Have a friend or family member with you who has not had (and will not have) any alcoholic beverages to be the designated driver to take you home. Aside from not drinking at all, this is the best bet to get home safely.

Responsible drinking means that you never have to feel sorry for the manner in which you behaved while drunk. Make this holiday season better by drinking in moderation and encouraging family and friends to do the same.

J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys wants you to have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Mistakes can easily happen after having a few alcoholic beverages, that’s why it is better to play it safe this holiday season, rather than becoming a drunk driving statistic.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car wreck and injured because of somebody else’s negligence this holiday season, let the attorneys at J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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