It is absolutely important that you do everything possible to preserve evidence.

The wreckage from a car accident may be essential in proving your case. Even if you have to buy the wreckage to recover it, do so, because the wreckage will be vital in proving the car was defective. For example, in SUV rollover cases, door latches are often defective and not strong enough to stay shut during an accident. Consequently, passengers may be ejected from the vehicle. Another example is an SUV rollover where the car roof collapses. Evidence of the damaged roof can be used to show the roof wouldn’t withstand a rollover, and examination by experts may prove it was because of faulty design. The wreckage is necessary evidence in building a case against automobile manufacturers.

Major manufacturing companies employ investigators to read newspapers and track down accidents. If they discover an accident involving their brand of vehicle, whenever possible companies buy the wreckage to make it unavailable for plaintiffs pursuing claims.

If you suffered an injury from a defective vehicle, keep the wreckage secured in a safe place, along with the instruction manual, and any other information about the vehicle that you received during purchase.[:]

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