Grandmother’s Death in Hospital Morgue Triggers Family Lawsuit

by J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys | April 17th, 2014 | Blog, Lawsuit, Negligence, Wrongful Death

A California family has been allowed the motion to carry a lawsuit against a hospital after an 80-year-old grandmother died under mysterious circumstances. According to the family attorney, the woman was presumed dead and placed in a body bag only to wake up in the hospital’s freezer and die shortly after.

Family Seeks Justice

The outraged and devastated members of the family have made a claim that says the grandmother was prematurely declared dead and placed in a body bag by hospital staff. According to their attorney, the woman’s body was found upside down inside the bag, which shows her attempt to free herself. He then revealed that mortuary staff was unable to use makeup to cover up the woman’s broken nose and self-inflicted facial wounds.

The family had initially filed a lawsuit for mishandling the woman’s body, but when their hired experts found that the injuries she had sustained were not a result of a heart attack, but rather, struggling and hypothermia, a new lawsuit was filed. The new lawsuit, which will be subject to jury trial, holds the medical center responsible for negligence and wrongful death.

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Losing a loved one can bring you insurmountable emotional pain, especially if their death was due to negligence. Funeral expenses, medical bills and loss of wages can make this situation even more unbearable. If you have lost someone as a result of a wrongful death, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

It’s terrible to imagine this family’s situation happening to you. A wrongful death can happen anywhere, even in Texas. Know that our team of attorneys in McAllen will work with you to help you understand and follow the procedures needed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. We will devote all the time needed to construct the perfect plan of action to bring justice to you and your family.

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