Man Speeds Past Stop Sign, Resulting in a Fatal Crash

by Abigail Vela | September 18th, 2021 | Auto Accident

During the early morning of September 18, a man drove past a stop sign, crashing straight into an 18-wheeler in Channelview, Texas.

More Details About Fatal Crash

The fatal crash occurred right at 3:22 a.m. on Bayou Drive in the 16600 block of the East Freeway service road when the driver of an F-150 truck t-boned directly into an 18-wheeler.

As reported by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of the 18-wheeler stopped at the 4-way stop sign, whereas the driver of the F-150 truck did not. He was driving east and ended up crashing directly into the right side of the 18-wheeler’s 42-foot trailer.

The driver of the 18-wheeler had no injuries. However, the man in the F-150 truck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Speed was the major factor at play, with intoxication remaining as a possibility.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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The 4 Rules of 4-Way Stop Signs

The stop sign is one of the most important and most common signs on the road. The octagonally shaped sign is red with big white letters spelling out “STOP” to alert people to slow down and make a complete stop before a crosswalk, intersection, or driveway. There are various rules on the road for stop signs, with one of them being how to stop at 4-way intersections:

1.The first vehicle to arrive is the first to go. Regardless of what direction vehicles are coming from, the first driver to arrive at a 4-way stop is always given the right of way.

2.Yield to the right! If two vehicles arrive at a 4-way stop at the same time, the vehicle on the right is given the right of way. However, if a third driver arrives after the first two, they must give the right of way to the two who came before.

3.Straight traffic is given the right of way. When two vehicles arrive at the same time at a 4-way stop and are head-to-head, it’s important to pay attention to any turn signals. If one driver is planning to turn, whereas another plans to drive straight ahead, the driver going straight ahead is given the right of way. However, if both drivers are driving straight, are turning left, or are turning right at the same time, they can proceed since there is no danger of crossing each other’s paths.

4.Right turns over left turns. If two vehicles stop at a 4-way stop sign and are head-to-head and plan to turn, the vehicle that is turning right is given the right of way.

Your Brownsville Car Accident Lawyer Advises You To Pay Attention to the Road

Although it is important to remember the rules of road with 4-way stops, beware of any aggressive or impatient drivers. If you notice a driver moving into the intersection even though it was your turn, always give them the right of way to avoid any accidents.

However, your Brownsville car accident lawyer J. Gonzalez knows that not all drivers will follow the rules regarding stop signs. If you or a loved one were injured in a car or an 18-wheeler accident on a 4-way stop, it may entitle you to financial compensation to help ease your recovery, both emotionally and financially.

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