November Report Details Car Crashes and Fatalities in Texas

by Amber Cortez | December 16th, 2015 | Auto Accident, Blog, General

According to the Insurance Council of Texas, from 2012 to 2015, the number of motor accidents involving injuries and fatalities rose. The council reported that numbers began rising dramatically in 2012 when Texas highway speed limits were increased. Researchers have also suggested that the increase in accidents could be due to the rise in the economy. The most reported accidents have been caused by speeding, negligence and distracted drivers.

Always drive cautiously during heavy road traffic times. If anything should happen, our attorney is ready to hear your story.

Holiday Chaos

The holidays are some of the busiest traffic times of the year. The average number of traffic deaths during the New Year weekend over six years of noted research showed to be 18.2% greater than the average number of traffic deaths compared to off-holiday periods. Basically, the more people on the road, the riskier it becomes to get around, so playing it extra safe is advised.

Drunk Drivers and the Holidays

A study conducted by AAA stated an alleged 27, 900 Americans will be seriously injured and another 250 probable deaths will occur during the end-of-year holiday travel period. That is an alarming number of accidents. With so many people hitting the road, it’s easy to see the types of dangers while traveling.

During holidays like New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, we are more likely to encounter drunk drivers on the road. During the New Year’s period between 2007 and 2011, an estimated 42% of traffic fatalities were the result of drinking and driving.

Use Caution to Avoid a Holiday Tragedy

Despite the posted speed limit, drivers should slow down and use caution in various road situations. If road signs indicate a certain speed limit, we as drivers should always be cautious of our surroundings and dictate when to drive the posted speed and when to slow down. Always be aware of your surroundings and recognize when someone is driving unsafely.

Be Safe this Holiday Season

If you suspect a texting driver, drunk driver or witness someone driving recklessly, report their behavior to police and try to avoid any close encounters. There are a number of unfortunate accidents that can happen throughout the year, so take extra precaution to protect yourself and those you love during the merriest of times. Get in touch with us to explore your options if you’ve been the victim of negligence.


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