Possible intoxication and street racing under scrutiny in fatal San Juan crash

by Benjamin Treviño | March 28th, 2024 | Blog

San Juan Police Chief Leandro Sifuentes says intoxication and street racing may have contributed to a fatal March 26 crash, but Sifuentes added it is too early in the investigation to make any final determination.

“Preliminary investigations by the San Juan Police Department suggest intoxication as a possible contributing factor to the collision,” Sifuentes stated via news release. “Additionally, the possibility of racing involvement has not been discounted. Our officers are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the exact circumstances leading up to this tragic event.”

San Juan police officers responded to the two-vehicle collision in the 300 block of West FM 495 Tuesday at around 6:10 p.m.

According to an earlier news release from Sifuentes, the driver of an SUV — identified as Roberto Carlos Rios Rodriguez of San Juan — was found dead at the scene. The unidentified driver of the pickup truck involved in the crash was unconscious, the release stated. The unknown driver was hospitalized and was last reported in stable condition.

Anyone with information on the crash is urged to contact San Juan Crime Stoppers at 956-283-8477 or the San Juan Police Department at 956-223-2400.


Texas street-racing laws

Although it has not been determined that street racing was a factor in the above crash, it is wise to familiarize yourself with an overview of what Texas law says about contests of speed on public streets.

Texas law Sec 545.420 makes it illegal to engage in racing, contests of speed, drag races, tests of the physical endurance of drivers or vehicle operators, or having any connection to drag races or vehicle speed exhibitions on public roads.

Violators can face legal prosecution for participating, or being affiliated with street racing, but a criminal conviction against street racers will not compensate innocent bystanders who suffer injuries and damages that may have resulted from the illegal action.

For compensation, victims need a trusted and proven attorney to act as their advocate. If the negligent party (or parties) had an active liability insurance policy at the time of the crash, a competent attorney can ensure the issuer of that policy pays for the accident victim’s damages.

Many times insurance companies will try to pay less than they are legally obligated to pay. It’s the personal injury attorney’s job to ensure that his or her clients get the compensation they legally deserve.

Contact J. Gonzalez

Seeking compensation after a street racing collision can be complex, especially if the negligent driver lacks the legally required insurance. The J. Gonzalez Law Firm can navigate those complexities and explore other options victims might not be aware of.

The J. Gonzalez Law Firm has advocated for Texas auto injury victims for decades. Call us to learn how we will put that experience and resources we have earned to work for you. Contact us today via this website or by calling 1-800-CAR-CRASH.


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