Types of Compensation You Can Receive in a Car Crash

by J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys | October 4th, 2016 | Auto Accident, Blog

Car wrecks can be life changing, and too often, many people do not realize the level of compensation that they should be receiving because of someone else’s negligence. That’s why J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys wants to make sure that you understand your rights to a just due for the damages cause by another driver.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it is important to understand that, depending on your car insurance policy, you can be covered for different damages. In the state of Texas, basic car insurance liability coverage will typically pay for:

  • Medical expenses: typically includes all expenses for medical treatment and therapy, medical devices such as crutches, and over-the-counter pain medication. Medical expenses can also include pass through expenses, current cause, and anticipated future expenses.
  • Lost wages: if you suffered a debilitating injury as a result of an auto collision then you should be eligible to recover wages lost from unpaid time off for medical treatment and recovery.
  • Pain and suffering: this legal term can apply to a wide number of physical and mental injuries including residual permanent pain, limitations on activity, depression, or emotional scarring as a result of physical disfigurement from the car wreck.
  • Emotional trauma: serious collisions can cause severe trauma to victims that can affect their everyday lives and require psychological treatment. The resulting expenses can be covered in a lawsuit.
  • Permanent disability: in the case of a severe permanent disabling injury occurring, juries may award a substantial amount to victims who are no longer able to support their families or meet other day-to-day responsibilities. This award may even cover full-time caregiver fees.

While just as vital to your personal and financial well being, these additional forms of compensation from a car wreck do not necessarily entail bodily injury to you or other parties:

  • Repair or replacement costs for your car
  • Car rental expenses while car is being repaired
  • Attorney fees
  • Bail of up to $250 if you are arrested following the accident

Perhaps more important than what is covered is who is covered. Basic liability coverage should include you and your family members, which is defined as anyone living in your home who is related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption. However, it should be noted that some policies will not cover family member that are not specifically named in the policy. Check your policy declaration sheet to determine if this is the case as well as to learn about the specifics requirements of your policy.

It’s important to recognize that, unfortunately, your insurance company is not necessarily going to be on your side nor offer you every single benefit that you are legally owed. The adjuster assigned to your case is taught to look for any discrepancies in your case and to minimize your injuries when possible to decrease the benefits you deserve.

That’s why your best option for collecting full compensation for all expenses related to a serious car wreck is to have J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys work on your behalf. Our experience and determination will ensure that you are treated with the dignity you deserve and receive the compensation you are entitled to.
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