Why Do Many Accident Victims Hire The J. Gonzalez Lawfirm?

There are many things that we can do to help you and your family maximize recovery of your damages.

First step is to ask you some basic questions about your accident to determine the best course of action to take. Immediately thereafter its imperative that we get you and your family continued medical attention to legally preserve injuries you and your family sustained in the accident. During the course of your treatment we will do the following:

  1. Obtain a copy of the police report to give us pertinent facts about accident.
  2. Conduct a criminal background check on negligent driver. He may have a very poor driving record, DWI’s, etc. This will enable to have better leverage against his/her insurance company and its defense lawyers.
  3. Conduct an asset check of negligent driver to make sure he is properly insured. Your medical damages (pain and suffering, future medical treatment, etc.) may exceed his policy limits and conducting an asset check enables us to determine if we need to pursue other and more suitable alternatives than just his insurance. Again, this gives us more leverage in negotiating a settlement with his insurance company and its lawyers.
  4. Once we determine your exact injuries through the use of specialized doctors or orthopedic surgeons (x-rays, MRI’s, CAT SCANS, etc.), we have a nationwide data base that will help us determine with exacting standards the value of you and your family’s case. This is done by compiling data from cases that have been favorably settled or won in court and the amounts that have been paid or awarded. This ensures that your case does not settle for a penny less than it should and obviously maximizes recovery for your damages.
  5. In addition to all the above we have a staff of attorneys and paralegals soley devoted to manage your case so that you get a prompt settlement of your property damages and bodily injuries. Many cases that we handle take as little as two or three months to settle after clients are done with therapy and released by their doctor.
  6. We also have professionals dedicated to negotiate with hospitals, doctors, therapy clinics, EMS services to substantially reduce your medical bills which means a higher monetary recovery for our clients.
  7. If the insurance company and its lawyers are being unreasonable with their settlement offers or lack thereof we have a strong litigation team that will maximize recovery through the use of our legal system. A lawsuit will be filed and litigation will ensue.

In the end, rest self assured that everything is being done to protect your rights and get you and your family just compensation for your property damage and bodily injuries.

We don’t charge for our services until we win your case and we do not collect fees for money obtained to fix your car (property damage, mechanical failures, rental car, etc.). When a settlement is reached with your approval or we obtain a favorable verdict in court we charge a contingency fee. The fee is 35 percent before a law suit is filed and 40 percent once we file suit.

We would like the opportunity to serve you and your family’s legal needs. Please call us at your earliest convenience or provide me with your number so we may contact you.

Don’t delay or you may lose valuable legal rights.

Serving McAllen, the Rio Grande Valley, and clients throughout Texas in cases dealing with personal injury, with an emphasis on car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Top legal advice and representation at the J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys.


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