Brownsville Assisted Living Home Accused of Violating Resident’s Rights

by Amber Cortez | October 15th, 2015 | Blog

The neglected treatment of elderly persons residing in assisted living homes is an issue that sometimes goes without a fight. Anyone feeling as if they’ve experienced medical misconduct, personal neglect, abuse or any other form of mistreatment regarding aging and disability should know the J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys is here to redirect your concerned emotions into a solid case.

No one should have to worry about elderly abuse. On the contrary, we should all feel assured that our family is in the best care possible while living in a nursing home. Fears of abuse should never be on your mind. Unfortunately, for one family in Brownsville, this has become a long and arduous situation.

Knowing that a loved one is being abused is devastating. Schedule a FREE case evaluation to explore your options.

Denied Visitation

An assisted living home in Brownsville made headlines following accusations that it refused a man from seeing his brother, who was a resident. The man claims that for three years, he was denied visitation rights by the facility’s staff. The man possessed the power of attorney over his brother’s affairs but was ordered to leave when he attempted to relocate his sibling to a different facility.

The brother’s health required medical attention last December, resulting in him relocating to a hospital and then to a different assisted living center. According to the man who made the accusation, his brother’s ID, benefit documents and personal materials are still in possession of the Brownsville facility despite police intervention.

A state investigation later discovered that funds from the brother’s benefits account had been withdrawn. His signature had additionally been forged in a fax sent to another care facility. The facility also allegedly withdrew over $1,000 over a period of time for room and board expenses, an amount that has since been reimbursed.

Your Path to Justice

Elderly abuse and neglect is not limited to just physical abuse or withholding medications and can occur in a multitude of situations. If you feel you or a loved one currently residing or whom has resided in an assisted living facility or adult daycare has experienced mistreatment, please contact our office in McAllen for more information about our comprehensive legal services.


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