Onion spill leads to Donna traffic delays

by Benjamin Treviño | April 12th, 2024 | 18 Wheelers, Blog

A tractor-trailer carrying onions rolled over April 10 on FM 493 and the Expressway 83 underpass in Donna, according to Donna Police Chief Gilbert Guerrero.

The chief urged drivers to avoid the area as the rollover was already causing traffic delays and would continue to do so until the wreckage was cleared. No other vehicles were involved in the accident, and no injuries were immediately reported.

This is a developing story at this writing, and no other details are immediately available.


Can commercial truck drivers sue their own company?

Drivers are not always to blame for commercial trucking accidents; they can sometimes be the victim of a negligent or unscrupulous employer.  Texas Workers’ Compensation does provide some coverage for truck drivers who are injured at work, but in most cases the system prevents drivers from suing their employers. Additionally, workers’ comp does not cover contract drivers.

When trucking companies are at fault

It is unfortunate, but there are trucking companies that sometimes cut corners and abuse their workers in the name of increased profits.

If a trucking company engages in any of the following practices, its drivers may have a case against their employer in the event that it leads to an accident:

  • Pressuring drivers to violate speed limits or hours of service regulations
  • Failing to properly secure cargo
  • Installing faulty components in the truck, such as defective brakes
  • Failing to maintain scheduled truck maintenance
  • Breaking government safety guidelines

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