Holiday Chaos: Shopping Bargains May Come at a Price

by J. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys | December 10th, 2013 | Blog, Lawsuit

Each year during the holidays, shopping deals continuously grow more and more popular. These limited deals are often too good to pass up and it is easy to forget they come with a price. What many shoppers do not realize is that those slashed prices, unbelievable sales and one-day-only deals can lead to serious injuries or even death if proper safety precautions are not taken by retailers. Businesses have promised consumers great deals beginning on Black Friday and extending throughout the holiday season. As such, there is no doubt that shoppers will be out in full force for the next few weeks.

Employees and Shoppers Face the Greatest Risks

This year was marked with early door-buster deals with stores such as Wal-Mart and Target beginning Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night. In 2008, a Wal-Mart employee was tragically killed when Black Friday shoppers in Long Island forcibly broke down the business’s doors and trampled the employee. The victim’s death sent a message to shoppers and storeowners alike about the dangers of holiday shopping crowds. Throughout the years, other employees and shoppers have suffered serious injuries due to the disorderly actions of these large crowds.

Retailers are Responsible for Customer Safety

Consumer safety should be the first and foremost concern of any retailer as the shopping season has already begun. Retailers are required by law to keep customers safe by employing extra security precautions. Businesses may be held liable for negligence if an accident occurs and said precautions were not being enforced. Shoppers injured on store property may file a claim against the owner for compensation to settle medical bills resulting from their injuries.

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