Raymondville toddler injured in dog attack

by Benjamin Treviño | October 20th, 2023 | Personal Injury

RAYMONDVILLE – Raymondville police are investigating an October 15 dog attack on a two-year-old girl. According to Detective Jason Garcia, the incident happened around 4:20 p.m. in Veteran’s Park.

Garcia said the girl was bitten on her head and upper lip by a dog that was subsequently found restrained in the front yard of a house across the street from the park.

Garcia said the girl “lost a lot of blood,” but was conscious. She was transported to a local hospital and was last reported in stable condition.

The dog was taken into animal control custody, where it would quarantined for a couple of days, according to Garcia, who added that the owner has been cited for having a dangerous dog.


Dog ownership in Texas requires that the owner takes reasonable steps to ensure the animal does not harm other humans. Those steps can include keeping the dog fenced, or humanely tethered to remain on the owner’s property.

Dog bites can result in severe injury, including lacerations to the skin, loss of fingers or toes, and loss of eyesight. Besides the physical scarring, dog attacks can alsi cause emotional trauma and other psychological damage to victims.

Dog bites are covered under Texas personal Injury laws, and when someone suffers injury from a dog bite, they are allowed to seek fair compensation for damage claims. Victims can seek compensation for medical care, emotional trauma and other claims.

Who is liable for damages?

When a dog hurts someone, the owner of the animal is usually the person responsible for compensating victims and/or their family. Criminal charges against the owner are also possible in rare instances.

The dog owner’s liability insurance (usually a homeowners’ or renters’ policy) may cover the injured person’s losses, even if the injury happens off the owner’s property.

After a dog bite incident, it’s important for both the injured person and the animal owner to take steps to protect their legal rights.

The personal injury attorneys at the J. Gonzalez Law Firm are well-versed the laws regarding dog bites, and they can represent you if you ever become a victim of a dog attack.

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Source: https://www.krgv.com/news/raymondville-police-investigating-dog-attack-on-2-year-old-girl?fbclid=IwAR1CvDun0Wt_j2EAgC8jVSxIUuRvp6UnXlEDM5fEhyTn2PusvgjaXTDNAw8


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