Truck Smashes into the Side of Los Fresnos School Bus, 28 Student Passengers Inside

by Amber Cortez | November 6th, 2018 | Bus Accidents, News

On Wednesday, October 31, a Los Fresnos CISD bus was involved in a collision just outside of the Los Fresnos city limits. The crash occurred at the intersection of Siesta Lane and FM 510.

DPS investigators report that the driver of a maroon pickup truck was responsible for the collision. The pickup rammed into the side of the bus as it was turning left.

Out of 28 children aboard the school bus, there were no reported injuries. The driver of the pickup was cited for negligent driving.

Road Traffic Crash Facts and Causes

The World Health Organization has provided an analysis of road traffic injuries for the year 2018.

Statistics and facts from the site report as follows:

  • Approximately 1.25 million lives come to an end each year due to road traffic collisions.
  • 48 percent of road traffic deaths occur in age populations 15-44.

Speeding is a large culprit of deaths by road traffic collisions. Traveling at higher speeds can increase the chances of damages caused in a collision as well as increase the likelihood of a crash.

  • An adult pedestrian’s risk of dying by a car going 30 mph is 20 percent versus 60 percent if the car is traveling 50 mph.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is another factor of fatal road traffic crashes.

  • The legally impaired blood alcohol count in the United States is 0.08 percent. Operating a vehicle at the BAC count or higher significantly increases the chances of fatal collisions.
  • Drug-driving increases the likelihood of road traffic crashes according to the drug type and amount used.

(Ex. A driver under the influence of amphetamines is 5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than a person not under the influence.)

The lack of use of safety restraints in vehicles and helmets on motorcycles increase the rate of death and injuries caused by a road traffic crash.

  • An approved safety helmet can reduce the chance of death in a crash by 40 percent.
  • The risk of fatality can diminish by 40-50 percent for front-seat passengers and 25-75 percent for rear-seat passengers through the use of safety belts.

What is Driver Negligence?

If you have been involved in a car accident caused by a driver that has acted in a reckless or careless manner, then the negligent driver is liable for damages and injuries caused to you or your loved ones.

The term negligence is often used in car accidents to appoint liability of causation. In certain situations, the insurance company representing the negligent driver may comply and pay for the damages ensued.

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